Highlighted projects.

These were some of my favorite projects to work on, please visit my GitHub page for a more complete list of my work


RustRocketRESTful APIReact

Stump is a free and open source comic book server with OPDS support. It is written in Rust, using the Rocket web framework, and has a builtin web client written in React using the wonderful Chakra UI. Stump implements the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog format, so it is compatible with any external reading client that also implements the protocol - my personal favorite being Panels. Stump also implements Page Streaming according to the unofficial OPDS Page Streaming Extension, extending the OPDS feed with information allowing a client to request a specific page of a document without having to download it completely.

Stump is dockerized - the final Docker image being only 40MB! With a total of two Docker commands, you can organize your media files (CBZ, CBR, PDF or EPUB) into different libraries and use the integrated web client for reading your media, or use any other compatible OPDS reader.

It is currently my main side project for fun, and so is still under active development.

Stump Web Client



SpeSQL is an Electron desktop application to provide museum researchers with a user-friendly portal for managing the institution’s database. It utilizes a React component library I developed, using Tailwind CSS, which is published under the npm registry @flmh-mgcl/ui.

Prior to this application, the lepidoptera researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History used Google Spreadsheet for managing their collection. Now all of their data is stored in a MySQL database and managed with SpeSQL.

SpeSQL Demo



OnTime is a SaaS I created as my senior project for my undergradute degree. It is aimed at supporting the needs of appointment-based institutions, such as clinics, daycare centers, spas, and a wide range of other businesses. It uses Twilio, Google Maps, Google Directions, and Google Geolocation APIs, and has a custom multi-factor authentication system. It is HIPAA compliant, and was developed using the MERN stack- replacing JavaScript with TypeScript in the backend.

I am unable to share the code as it is owned by my previous advisors, however if you're interested please feel free to reach out!
OnTime Preview



Cheese is an Electron application for recording videos or taking pictures of yourself using your webcam. I had some trouble finding a simple program to record myself talking, which I needed for a presentation I was doing at the time, so I just created one!

Edit: I recently found Loom! Super cool software that is very similar-ish but backed by an actual company with some awesome features - definitely worth checking out.
Cheese Application Demo



ProductionGraph is a Django web application for estimating total costs and labor hours of commodities, and testing the results against real data. This estimation is computed with an in-house, multithreaded Rust library, which represents production of commodities as a dependency graph.

I created this project for a really cool class I took during my undergraduate studies called Performant Programming in Python - a course where you come up with, design and implement a project that utilizes python with heavy computations offloaded to a lower-level language, in my case Rust.