Hi, my
name is Aaron.

I'm a creative software engineer located in Tucson, Arizona


About me.

I'm a software engineer, designer and photographer who has been building websites and web applications since 2017. I specialize in fullstack development and UI/UX design.

After graduating from the University of Florida with degrees in Computer Science and Anthropology, I moved across the country from Gainesville, Florida all the way to Tucson, Arizona. I started work as a Software Engineer at Lumen Technologies, which allows me to build interactive, accessible and performant websites used by residential and enterprise customers of Lumen's services.

If I'm not stuck behind a computer monitor you can likely find me scaling a mountain somewhere. I am a parent to a three-legged dog, Oatie, who loves to hang out with me while I have my morning coffee looking at the mountains, and a bob-tail cat, Ringo, who is trailing behind Oatie all day chasing his tail. I think maybe because he is jealous 🤷


Beyond coding and technology, I have a love for a different field of study entirely - I am fascinated by anthropology and expressions of culture throughout the world. Anthropology has provided me with a greater understanding of how humanity fits into the context of computer science and technology in a holistic manner. I've developed a unique perspective over my programmatic work and how it affects the rest of the world.

Making these connections and properly understanding the impacts technology can have on society has influenced the projects I take on. So, if you have a project or project idea that strives to promote positive impacts on areas like sustainability or diversity and inclusion, please hit me up! If it's open sourced, even better!


Outside of my work, I budget as much time as I can for travelling and getting out and about with my camera. I started off with Nikon back in 2008, when my grandfather gifted me my first camera, however have been a Sony shooter since 2018 - I use my trusty Sony A7RII and with a 35mm or 24-70mm lens. I will occassionlly whip out the 80mm for some amazing portraits!

You'll mainly find me taking portraits, landscapes and astro-photography, however sometimes you can find me in the city taking architecture shots. I am currently in the process of developing a dedicated photography portfolio!

What I do.

I work with amazing people everyday to collaboratively design and code interactive, accessible and performant websites - I am devoted to making the virtual world a more user-friendly place.

I have experience working in a wide range of software development - Python automation, low-level tooling in languages like Rust, all the way to fullstack development with TypeScript, React, GraphQL, etc. I really enjoy learning new technology, and I make sure I devote at least a few hours a week to learning something new (I actually developed this portfolio as a way to learn Next.js). I love exploring trendy and contemporary spaces in tech, like the Rust and Svelte communities! More recently, I have been experimenting with an Electron alternative called Tauri to build more secure and efficient cross-platform applications.

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