About my work

I work with amazing people everyday to collaboratively design and code interactive, accessible, and performant websites and products. I am devoted to making the virtual world a more user-friendly place.

Front end is the best end

My background primarily lies in full stack development, although my roles usually gravitate towards the front end - it's just where my heart is. React and Svelte are my jam, but I have experience various other front-end frameworks and understand how to pick the right tool for the job. I focus on building accessible, performant, and engaging interfaces. I believe in simplicity and efficiency, often incorporating straightforward design patterns to create clean and maintainable codebases.

That said written, I'm no stranger to the back end and am well-acquainted with a spectrum of technologies. I've designed REST APIs utilizing Node.js, engineered GraphQL servers and Kubernetes controllers with Rust, and delved into hybrid solutions that bridge the gap between them all.

Open source software

I'm a big supporter of open source software and try to contribute to projects whenever I can. I also maintain a few of my own projects, most notably is Stump ↗ – a free and open source server and cross-platform app designed to help people manage and remotely access their digital book collections, including comics and ebooks. I'm fairly active in the self-hosting community, and I've got a simple but extensive homelab setup I'd love to chat about.

You can find more of my open source projects on my GitHub ↗ profile.


Today I'm a Full Stack Engineer at Ditto ↗ working on the Cloud Services team, developing the platform around operating and provisioning Ditto apps and infrastructure. My focus is implementing new features for the Portal, the primary interface for Ditto's customers to manage their accounts and apps. Previously, I was helping to build out the next generation of e-commerce services at Lumen Technologies ↗. Before that, I worked as a Software Developer at The Florida Museum of Natural History ↗ where I led the digitization and development efforts for the Lepidoptera research department. Throughout my career I've done freelance work for a variety of clients, building out visions for personal websites or small businesses.

If you're looking for a more structured, accomplishment-driven presentation of my experience, check out my resume or LinkedIn ↗ profile.